About Science Kidz

Science Kidz is a firm with an active maker community that offers a platform to stimulate creativity and promote innovation in the areas of electronics, robotics and physical computing through a kit-based learning approach. The Engineers and Researchers at Science Kidz believe that learning should be enjoyable and engaging, with the intention of fostering creativity and nurturing and encouraging a creator mentality among kids. The mentors at Science Kidz have also earned awards as Coaches in various national and international Robotics competitions, where kids have presented innovative projects. With our wide variety of kit-based technology courses, we aim to make technology easily accessible to all and bring out the techno-creative spark within each child.

What will your child learn?


Solve real world problems by building application based robots and many more.


Learn how to code and build applications using most popular programming languages from basics.

Physical Computing

Teach your computer how to detect humans, text, objects around you by working on physical computing projects.


Replace “Build, modify and repair” with “Build and customize”

Raspberry Pi

Learn the latest technology in embedded computing using the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board.


Convert your simple machines into smart devices by building automation based projects.

IOT (Internet of Things)

Connect your devices from anywhere around the world using internet of things.


Build interactive creations with Legos. Code your bricks to transform constructions into live models.

App Designing

Get hands-on experience with designing apps and creating great graphical interfaces.

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