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Computing with Ardiuno

If you are interested in electronics, robotics and coding and are curious to know how huge technical projects are created from scratch, welcome onboard to learn these the fun way! 

The Computing with Arduino course will help you:

  1. Comprehend how robot circuits are designed and operated
  2. Understand how intelligent robots are programmed through coding
  3. Gain a deeper understanding of hardware in terms of input and output devices
  4. Gain a deeper understanding of coding with essential concepts such as conditions, loops and functions.
  5. Understand the applications of sensors in robotics and other real-world applications

Computing with Arduino

If you're curious and passionate about technology, you're in the right place! Learn to test and build intelligent circuits in Robotics and Automation and code simulation based projects in the fun way

No Prerequisites

No prior knowledge required. We will cover everything from basics and will go till advance

Quizzes and Assignments

Periodic assessment tools to a ensure thorough understanding and retention of concepts

Course Completion Certificate

Proof of successfully completing the course for showcasing newly-gained skills

What Kids Will Learn


Understand how electricity and it's appliances works

Circuit Designing

Learn how circuits are designed using different approach

C++ Programming

Write your code in C++ programming language to automate your circuits

Input/Output Devices

What are input and output devices, and their applications

Application Based Programming

Think, Design and Code your own real world based application project


Learn how to debug code in smart and efficient way

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Why is programming important for kids?

Benefits of learning to code are numerous. Programming helps kids to boost and build their creative skills, logical thinking and fuels present-mindedness. Programming helps kids to solve real world problems with the help of technology.

What will my kid learn in this course?

This course is based on automation where students will gain knowledge of hardware and software both

In hardware students will learn basics of electronics like LED’s, buzzer, switch and then moving onto advanced sensors such as distance measurement sensor, tilt sensor, day and night detector and many more

And in software they will learn C++ programming language and will automate all those electronics using programming

For eg: Students will make touchless doorbell using sensors and electronic components where one can use a doorbell without even touching it. This is possible when they will program this in C++ programming language and this is how they will merge hardware with software

What projects can my kid make apart from the curriculum after completing this course?

This course has been designed to teach the concepts and also applications of each sensor or components and then they can use those concepts to build any real world application project.

They will also get a activity booklet where there will be different application based projects to build

What are the prerequisites to enroll in this course?

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. This course covers all the fundamentals from scratch to advance.

You just need a desktop/laptop/tablet with decent internet connection to learn with this kit.

Will I get a certificate after completing of course?

Yes after completion of the course a certificate will be provided

Will there be any test?

After every session there will be a quiz associated with that particular session.

What if my kid faces any problem during the course?

You can reach out to our customer team through contacting on  91 - 7777 08 1477

How many hours will this keep my kid engaged?

This course requires 15+ involvement hours which includes Videos, Practical, Assessments and Activity book

What topics are there in the syllabus?

Initially the course will start with basics of electronics such as LED’s, buzzer, switch, motors and the they will be introduced to the world of automation where they will learn how to interface sensor and any other components with Microcontroller board(brain of any device) and then they will program to automate.