LED Lantern

Let’s drive away the darkness!

Build your own lantern light with the Do-It-Yourself LED Lantern project kit. Dive into the world of practical electronics to learn how to make a magnificent project out of simple circuits. This is a popular project for Diwali and other festive occasions!

Learning Concepts Involved –

  1. Electricity fundamentals and circuits.
  2. Physics of Light.
  3. Tool handling and mechanical modelling.

Air Maze

Test your hand steadiness in this fun electronic game.

Understand the electronics fundamental concepts of conductors and insulators and apply your knowledge to build a fun game. The goal of the project is to move the metal loop wire from one end to another without the loop wire coming into contact with the fixed rod. You might be able to avoid triggering the buzzer if you have exceptionally steady hands!

Learning Concepts Involved –

  1. Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits
  2. Conductor and Insulator physics
  3. Tool handling and mechanical modelling

Portable Electricity Generator

Smart people don’t waste electricity, they generate it!

We frequently use battery-operated devices such as computers and cellphones. What if you could discover a method of generating electricity without the use of batteries? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your own battery-free portable torch. Forget about the stress of replacing exhausted batteries and instead learn how to apply elementary science concepts to real-world projects.

Learning Concepts Involved –

  1. Science behind LED and Motors
  2. Generating electricity without a battery!
  3. Tool handling and mechanical modelling


What is a D.I.Y. Project Kit ?

D.I.Y or Do-it-Yourself projects are flexible learning projects that students can build on their own without live mentoring or assistance of professionals.

How will my child learn ?

On Registering, the kit will be delivered to you, and student will get login access to our learning resources & step-by-step project building guides.

After enrolling into the workshop in how many day will be kit get delivered ?

Once you enroll for the course it will take approximately 3-5 business days for metro cities and 5-7 business days for non metro cities.

Will I get certificate after completing the workshop ?

Yes, a certificate will be issued on successful completing of the course.

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